Christian Bautista


Waduh jd bingung mo komen apa??? Gara2 bis nonton take celebrity out jd t’pesona dngn tian langsung ol jam 23.56 cuman buat up date blog,, sblm’a w biasa ja,tampang indonesia aj disini juga banyak tapi pas dy nyanyi lagu itu “beautiful girl” & wktu dy nanyi sambil 1/2 jongkok beh rasanya dy memuja bgt tuh cw,, emm i like this moment if i’m is her g********d mantab dah suaranya nice bngt

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Christian Bautista – Beautiful Girl

Profil Christian Bautista,

Real Name: christian joseph morata bautista
Birthday: 10-19-81
Birthplace: manila
Age: 29
Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 149
Hometown: imus cavite
Course/School graduated from: up diliman bachelor landscape architecture
Family: daddy Ebert, mommy Jo, younger bros, Joshua & Jordan
Fave Color: dark blue
Fave Show/Movie: american idol, lord of the


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