May ALLAH bless Us


maafin aqu ya!!

The holy and beautiful Syawal will come soon
There is no word proper to welcome it
Except the word of pray and forgiveness
My Majesty if you forgive all my fault
And hope your worship accepted by Allah
The God of Merciful and the Beneficent
This evening we leave the blessed month of Ramadan, grace, and forgiveness from God Almighty in this together as Muslims. This is not the end in regret, but the end to be grateful for the Praise because Allah has allowed us to implement shaum Ramadan takbiran time victory in tomorrow night. Hopefully next year we as a community Muslims would meet again with the month of Ramadan is full of forgiveness. Hereby I would like to say FORGIVE ME for what I did or saud those might hurt you unconsciously.
After all the bad words that I’ve said & bad deeds that I’ve done.. Hereby in this very holy Idul Fitri, I sincerely ask 4 u’r forgiveness body n’ soul… Hopefully U’ll grant my wish my dear friend n’ lotta thx…
Hoping we can enjoy the next holly Ramadhan, please forgive all mistakes, and together we celebrate the glory of Syawal. Happy Iedul Fitri 1431 H.

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