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Mason Moon


Abis buka FB eh ga sengaja liat foto2 Mason Moon…
jadi membuka-buka kembali foto di fb’a dya lucu banget sih anak kecil ini
waduh perpaduan yang sangat sempurna,
ihh jadi iri, punya anak kecil kaya dya disini.
b’doa moga kalo w punya ponakan lagi, mirip2 dya
atau kalau gw married nanti punya anak kaya dya AMIN


Complete Name : Mason Moon Moorhouse
Birthdate : 21th March 2007
Brithplace : South Korea
Gender : Male
Blood Type : O
Occupation : Model,Movie Star
Trademark : smilling and gurgling when there is a lot of people
Favourite Foods : Unbecoming of his polished appearance,he likes poprice and uncooked ramen
Hobbies : Throwing a ball and picking up stuff when it looks messy
Points of appeal : Pigtail on top of his head to appear cute and awkward wink
Family : His father is Canadian and his mother is Korean so he’s mixed !
Occupation : Kid model and actor
Carreer :
– He played in the movie ‘Baby and I’ with Jang Geun Suk.
– He’s the MC of the korean TV program ‘Good Daddy’ which features korean well-known entertainers such as Lee Honggi, Kim Heechul and Kim Gunm

Seeing baby’s smiling face is like a natural


Rayyan Al Ihsanulrohim, born May 18, 2008, son of Family Dedy & Tuti in Jakarta. Weight 11.4 kg Height: 85 cm.Allah has blessed us with a handsome boy and loving. Allhamdullillah. A baby who is very sweet and handsome. Our son’s name is  Rayyan. He is about two years now. Here are some pictures to share and celebrate our happiness with everyone.

He is Handsome  & Cute Nephew